What is Beta?

Beta is the very beginning of a new company and business model. In our Beta, we are focused on growing our fabulous group of divine hosts in addition to attracting investors. We can tell you, our founding hosts will be taken care of. You will receive high levels of attention and opportunities to advance economically and travel more.

How long will Beta last?

Beta will last for the duration leading to full funding. This could be a few months to one year, depending on the growth our founding hosts can help us attain.

Can I earn money in Beta?

Yes! Absolutely. The faster we grow, the sooner your bookings will fill up. On your one-year free membership, this means you’ll be earning more than any other model and we’ll be thrilled to watch your success and ratings soar!

Is GoFirefly exclusive?

As a private membership club for women, we are exclusive only to anyone who is not a member.

Are there two memberships? One for guests and one for hosts?

Yes, once GoFirefly has built up a host inventory, we will launch a campaign to attract guest memberships.

Is there a charge for hosts to book stays with other hosts?

Absolutely no charge. We want our hosts to travel within GoFirefly as much as they would ever dream of.

Can I be a host on other platforms in addition to GoFirefly?

Yes, you are free to host on as many platforms as suit your own goals for hosting. We are so glad that you’ll be hosting with us – GoFirefly will be a very special community of women who take hospitality seriously.

What is the GoFirefly certification process for becoming a host?

Starting with your completed profile, as a BETA host, we will personally contact you via email and phone to interview you, and get to know you more personally as well as explain more about new developments you can look forward to in the coming months from GoFirefly.

We are looking for hosts who take great care in the quality of the room, linens, and amenities she provides.

To start, during your interview, we will ask you for your driver’s license and proof of home ownership.

Once you have been interviewed and approved, your mark of certification will be added to your profile and you can begin booking!

Soon, we will be requiring background checks for each host application.

Can a host be married?

Yes! The primary host is always female, ensuring the integrity of our model. This can be two females or a wife and her male husband.

Can a host have children in the home?

Yes! The objective is to connect with other women and provide a safe, high-quality stay. If you can guarantee this with children in the home, you can become GoFirefly certified.

For people participating in the beta are they PAYING or NOT PAYING THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP?

Membership is FREE for qualified BETA hosts for one year. You will not be automatically charged one year later. We will alert our founding members at the time of formal launch (when we are ready to market for guests in addition to hosts) when the annual fee would be charged. For now, we are removing the cost threshold for a host to sign up at this early stage.

The credit card, or checking account, information we ask for -is that BEING CHARGED or NOT BEING CHARGED? Why will we be we asked to provide the credit card?

The reverse will occur, we will put money in your bank account when a guest books with you!

Is our card going to be charged annually for this fee?


When will we be charged an annual fee?

We will prompt Beta users one month prior to their first 12 month anniversary to update payment information.

Please confirm or explain whether this annual membership fee entitle hosts to:
Retain the full amount of the booking from guests?

Yes, host earn 100% - with the only exception being a 5% credit card processing fee to cover our banking transaction costs.

And, how is this is different from Airbnb?

AirBnB takes the 3-5% credit card processing fee, plus a12-18% booking fee that is split by the host and the guest, thus reducing the profit margin for hosts. Each night of any booking, the host pays 3% and the guest pays 12-15% to AirBnB - for a total of 15-18% EACH NIGHT the stay is booked. On a $65/night room, this could be $7-$11/night.

How does booking stays with other members without paying a booking fee work?

Our core value proposition is to get hosts traveling. By creating a fee free booking method for our host members, we are removing costs other shared economy models charge.

How do I list and charge for my amenities?

In BETA, we have one field for you to describe your primary amenity, for example, hot breakfast. We encourage hosts to communicate about exactly what you will offer based on what a guest prefers. You can change the cost for each booking once you know exactly what the guest wants and what you can provide the amenity for. Example: The guest wants breakfast each day and would like wine and snacks stocked for her. Together, you agree on what you will provide and what she will pay. You update the price in your booking for your guest for that stay.

In the near future, we will have a menu listing where you can itemize your offering, rather than rolling it all into one total.