True hospitality.

Whether it’s in seaside cottages, big city luxury apartments, or down-to-earth neighborhoods, you can travel the world and be welcomed into homes by women who take hospitality seriously.

Become a GoFirefly Host. We are launching now! Become a founding host and your first one-year membership fee is waived. That’s a $399 value, FREE!

GoFirefly! is a private membership club where women can connect, enjoy safe and affordable travel and earn more income than other platforms.


Discover friends you haven't met yet based on shared interests


Enjoy terrific hospitality with each other

Earn more

Earn 100% of revenue from guest overnight stays, plus charge for your hospitality

Give Back

5% of our revenues will be invested in micro-finance projects for women and girls around the world

Creating limitless income potential for hosts like you.

Keep 100% of your bookings* and get paid for your divine hospitality!

Do you enjoy getting to know interesting people and have a gift for making guests feel at home?

For the lifetime of your host membership, we’ll never take a portion of your booking fees*. You can also offer optional services: Use your talents to set up savory meals, plan excursions, or provide enjoyable amenities for each stay. Earn from all you have to offer as a host.

*The only fee we charge is the credit card processing fee.

Join Our Beta Today
Be one of our first GoFirefly™ hosts and your first
one-year membership ($399 value) is completely FREE

It’s different when you travel as a woman.

Home-cooked meals, tea by the fire, wine on the patio, traveling alone or together with companions between the comfort of your own homes, GoFirefly fosters stays on a scale of quality unparalleled in other shared home platform.

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Member Benefits

GoFirefly Certified is our quality seal of approval. To be a certified host means we have talked with you personally, we know who you are and can welcome you into membership knowing that you will be delighted to consistently provide the level of room quality and hospitality that our guests are looking for.

High-quality rooms and hospitality is our priority, The pleasure is yours.

Go, explore, see the world - safely and affordably. Sights and scenes encountered, exotic or historic, jetting of to destinations you've dreamed of, comfort and safety while traveling on business, or simply a road trip to get away and be "you."

Join Our Beta Today

Our Hosts
  • Get paid for your hospitality in addition to nightly bookings
  • Earn 100% of bookings!*
  • Never pay a booking fee when staying within the GoFirefly! community
  • * The only fee we will ever charge is the credit card processing fee
Our Guests
  • Enjoy a truly warm, personalized experience
  • Match up with hosts based on selected hobbies, interests and backgrounds
  • Stay safely within the GoFirefly! network of women who take hospitality seriously

About Us

Launching now, GoFirefly is giving away memberships to GoFirefly Certified hosts!

Our commitment to our hosts is in our DNA. We understand the challenge of finding meaningful and significant supplemental income. Greater than any other shared market platform, we will always ensure maximum profit share for our host members, and we will guide you to your top performance all along the way. In our model, host earnings can be 40-60% greater with GoFirefly than any other platform. And-with special events and gatherings, we will make it oh-so delightful to be a part of our GoFirefly community.

We can’t wait to meet you, share our own homes with you and build the first women-led, high-quality, market for sharing rooms and hospitality.

Let's get hosting!

Love, Brenda & Amanda